Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Feeling Grounded

I’ve found it hard to fit time for myself into my schedule this year. While I am exhilarated by my work and find satisfaction in spending time with loved ones, I still need to find time to be alone with myself. A time to create, to dance and to dream. A time to get grounded.That time has been elusive.

I always find that Emmy Blue recharges my inner happiness machine. Wishing I had visited her blog and renewed my view doesn’t make it so. I’ll try to do that.

The folks at #pblitchat helped me to see this morning that I need to retool my writing routine. I had found a routine that worked well for me for a few years, but life changes. My routine has become inaccessible for me - at least for now. So I need to find a new way.  I feel much gratitude to my fellow picture book writers for spurring this AHA moment.

Meanwhile, I dove into something I’d wanted to do for a while. Vivienne MacMaster is a photographer who hosts ecourses. I saw that Joanna Harness of #amwriting fame, had taken a course with Vivienne. I liked the photographs I saw and asked for info. That was some time ago. I finally took the plunge and signed up for the course that ran this summer – The Chakra Photo Workshop. I’ll tell you honestly that it was not the one I would most have been interested in, but the timing was good.

Lucky for me, this course was just what the doctor ordered. Well, actually the doctor ordered PT and I’m doing that too, but this is helping me to get my groove back. 

I’m seeing the world in a different way. I’m feeling inspired by my senses. I’m excited to see what more I can create. I chose to do this at a time when I was having trouble finding time. I know full well that I will get the most out of this if I put more time into it. Frankly, though, I signed up for it because I thought I could manage something. It might not be much, but it would be better than not doing it. Sometimes when you can sneak in a moment for yourself you find that more opens up. So I’m stealing moments for me and relishing them. And I'm getting grounded. 

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