Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sowing Positivity

If you haven't visited the Kind Over Matter website, make sure you get over there and check it out. It is a storehouse of positivity. You just can't help smiling and feeling a little lighter when you visit.

Several months ago, I printed out these free compliment tear off sheets. Wednesday I finally got around to taking them over to the laundry room and tacking them up. I was nearly shaking with delight, wondering who might take one of those inspirations. 

Today I was walking by and stuck my head in. This is what I saw - a bunch of them are missing. That made my day. 

Want to spread some joy? Give compliments to someone who needs them? You can get yours at the freebie section of Kind Over Matter.

Thanks, Amanda, for creating such wonderful ways to spread joy. 


  1. How sweet is that!!! You are spreading kindness!!!

    1. I'm glad you liked this post. I feel like I've started connecting with a whole lot of positivity in the blogosphere. Thanks for being part of that!

  2. Hi Lynda - I saw your query at Take a Word Challenge. It is open to artists of all kinds - digital, mixed media, stampers and so on.
    We post a sneak peek each week for the following week so that our members can think about their creations and get them ready for when the challenge opens. As the name of the group infers the theme is usually one word and you can take it in any direction you like. You don't need to join. Just create a picture, post it on your blog and then leave a comment at Take a Word "My picture is on my blog". We can then just click on your user name and find our way to your page. Take a Word is a friendly place and you will receive lots of comments and meet new people. We have another challenge called The Three Muses which you might like to check out. It works in the same way.
    There are no winners or losers. We participate in the challenges to share our artwork and we all learn a lot of new tricks along the way.
    Hope you can join us.
    Cheers from Marie, aka Ozstuff

    1. Marie, thanks for your reply to my query. I'm thinking I'll be posting something later today. I'm looking forward to giving it a try.


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