Monday, September 2, 2013

Adventures in Rabbit Rescue

Treasured Teen has started a new endeavor. Saying it is "new" might be stretching the truth - it was only a matter of time before action would follow the path the heart tread. 

TT, as I sometimes call Treasured Teen, is an animal person. I am a person person, a word person, a person of ideas and words and talk. TT relates to the language of animals, the love and trust, the warmth and cuddling. It took many years for TT to break down my wall of reasons get beyond the fish I had allowed (3 betas in separate tanks) and get the pet she had dreamed of - a rabbit. 

Rabbits are sweet and lovely. I love them, they just make me sneeze. I blow my nose more frequently and must admit that my life is so much better for the companionship of our dear boy Sir Fernly. Rabbits, riding and volunteering at a dog shelter, TT's life revolves around animals. 

The open heart is a funny muscle, however, with ever expansive room for love. TT joined rabbit groups and found her heart breaking for the number of rabbits who are brought home (usually at Easter) only to be discarded like so much green, plastic grass when the novelty wears off and the cage cleaning gets old. TT dreamed of creating a rabbit rescue. 

Miss Madeleine's Bunny Academy was created to foster bunnies in need of homes. (I voted for Halfway Home for Rabbits Who are Down on Their Luck). TT will take in one rabbit at a time, a limit imposed by her supportive (to a point) family. Her first rabbit is Scuppy in the picture above. 

We'd be delighted if you'd follow her adventures in rabbit fostering.


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