Sunday, December 21, 2014

Adding Sparkle

Adding layers to my page seemed at once exciting and frightening. I like what I have so far, what if I mess it up?

That kind of thinking steals so much joy out of life, doesn't it? We never reach out for fear of making mistakes. We never take the trip, meet the friend, learn something new. What if we make mistakes? 

Also I was having a crisis of style and philosophy. I have watched a number of art journal ly videos and had come to feel I didn't want to use pre-made stencils and paper designs. I was more draw to the remix/remake/recycle vibe. But I did like the effect of stencils. I settled for using some basic geometric stencils from the craft store. Balance in all things. 

I added the stencil work and tried smudging the green into the background. Here I must admit to failure . The smudging was a clear fail...that is it is a fail if I plan to leave it as it is. So my current fail becomes tomorrow's opportunity. To remember that I added some pink paint spots and shook on purple glitter. It's time to shine.

Can't wait to see where I take it next.

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