Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Bubble Wrap and Gesso

It was time to prepare a new page. Out came the gesso to prep the page and a piece of bubble wrap fell on the floor. So I used the bubble wrap to add texture to the excess of gesso I had laid down. It made great textural marks... Some peaks and some valleys. So I added drops of color and pressed down on the wrap. Gorgeous! Too bad I didn't photograph that stage.

Tonight I added some stenciling. I was cleaning my rio and found some quilting stencils. Naturally that worked for
This project. Really, that's one of the beauties of art journaling - you can make use of almost anything. I had picked up some distress ink on sale at Michael's and tried that out. I enjoyed how it applies as well as how the color complimented it. On the left the ink wa applied to the stencil. On the right, the stencil was flipped over and printed on the paper. Can't wait to see where this spread takes me.

Here's how the bubble wrap looks now. I wonder what I can glue that to....

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