Saturday, March 28, 2015

Self Care Saturday

I started this blog as a venue for my happiness. That includes family, art, travel, poetry, creativity, nature and intention. Life, however, interceded testing my resolve. In the scheme of things Life won quite a few of the skirmishes, but I did not give up. One thing I have heard over and over is that caretakers need to find time for self-care. That is so hard to do.

This piece has taken many days to emerge. One day the background and another was a first attempt of creating stamps from grocery store packaging. Each day I am taking a moment to add to the journal page. It gives me a few minutes of delight. This morning it seemed perfect for the theme of self care. In the photo, the glitter paint obscures the pattern of the print, but I like it so it remains.

In addition to finishing up this spread, I indulged in a leisurely cup of Harney's and Sons tea. I love their teas and order them online. This morning's cuppa was bliss.

I hope this will be a regular post here. Join me and link your Self Care Saturday post in the comments if you like. If there is interest I will create an InLinkz group. 

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