Sunday, March 15, 2015

Why Blog?

Today provided plenty of inspiration. More gelli printing - some layering on top of the prints of last week.

There were some brand new prints. 

The exhilaration I get from new discovery is heady. Trying out these new techniques and exploring is soul fulfilling.

Later, found me at the computer looking at my much neglected Feedly account. As I scrolled down the list of blogs, I found many of them had posted a farewell speech. The blogger was moving on to other  endeavors. I was grieved by many of them, as some of them introduced to me blogs I had not encountered before, but found instant affinity for. So many farewells.

All this brought my mind round to a post on Grace Howe's website. The article On Art, Journaling & Creativity questions the reasons we do what we do. The article jogged me to start asking myself a question that is important to me:

Why Blog?

I have recently returned to my blog after neglecting it for a long time. Examining the reasons for blogging and whether the effort is possible to prioritize at this time I found that I still have reason to show up. To create. To document joy.

I started this blog as my response to reading The Happiness Project. This is my happy spot. My happy. My hope that I can share happy with you. 

Reasons I want to reconnect and be more consistent with this blog:

- to record happy things so I can look back on them and remember
- to record happy things so that others can be inspired to seek their own happiness
- to create beauty in my own life
- to express myself
- to connect with others
- to jumpstart creativity
- to keep dreaming
- to document self growth, studies and promote great teachers
- to create community
- a hope to collaborate with others doing projects, swaps, inspiring each other, and sharing ideas with people with similar interests. 

What are reasons you blog? Or if have you given up blogging, why did you take that path? I'm happy to hear your thoughts. 


  1. Just beautiful Lynda! I love your *happy*
    I love anything creative. Such a fun and healthy outlet! 😊

    1. Thanks, Wendy! I am finding that gelli printing brings me delight. You just never know what it will look like until you pull it from the plate. Sometimes it is underwhelming (in which case it can be printed over) and sometimes it takes my breath away. When that happens it can be a struggle to let go and print another layer.

      I'm so glad we reconnected.


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