Saturday, May 16, 2015

Cherry Blossoms - Self Care Saturday

The world seemed to blossom this week. Everywhere the flowers seem to pop up out of nowhere. Today I am giving myself the gift of taking the time to see them. Actually see them. So often in springtime I'm noticing them with half my attention (if that) as I drive by. This is a busy season for school employees. It's easy to get caught up and neglect to really enjoy the loveliness around. 

Today, camera in hand, I will stop and be mindful of the beauty in front of me. I will soak it up. 

This will not be the only extravagance of the day, but it will certainly be a part of it. 

Things don't last forever. I will enjoy them today. 

Ephemeral. Beautiful. Enjoy now. 

What things do you wish you spent more time appreciating? Enjoying? Savoring? 
Are your favorite flowers long flowering or do they have a short run? Are there seasonal foods that you try to enjoy during their season? Here we are having asparagus season. 

Many delights to you today. 


  1. Taking the time to stop and marvel at the smallest wonders is so important. It nurtures a sense of thankfulness and allows time out from the busy-ness of life that is so easy to get caught up in. Here in South Australia we are in our autumn season of rain so the brown, dry ground is springing up with green (unfortunately that means lots of weeds!) and we are enjoying oranges straight from the tree. Flowers not so much, though.

    1. Oranges straight from the tree! That sounds delightful. They must taste so full of tartness. I know how different apples are right off the tree. It's heavenly. I love being in contact with folks from the Southern Hemisphere. The contrast of our experiences always seems to heighten my awareness and appreciation for the season I am currently experiencing (if not fully enjoying). Spring here goes in waves - the flowers take their turns. We have hit lilac season.It won't be long before we see strawberries.

  2. I like your theme today, Lynda. Today was an afternoon of just watching friends and my daughter play piano in a living room. No competition, just music, catching up with some old friends, and food. xoxo Su

    1. What a delightful way to spend the afternoon! Sound relaxing too. I'm wondering if your peaches or tomatoes were part of the feast.


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