Friday, May 8, 2015

Finding My Style - Fashion Friday

Color - Texture - Fiber 

These are things I love. 
Before taking up art journaling I knit, I crocheted, I sewed, I embroidered and I beaded. I made paper from pulp. I folded paper ….well I still do that with a vengeance. There was the season of spinning and years of smocking and heirloom sewing. 

I love them all. 

When I saw this garment in Belle Armoire I fell in love. The texture, the different length of fringe, the colors - all of it so luscious. This kind of thing has to be part of the style I am developing. 

The large photo featured in the magazine was fabulous, but a little big for the journal page. So I shredded it into strips, laid it down in overlapping patterns and sewed it down with embroidery floss and beads. It is something new for me, but it feels completely natural to me. It is somehow reminiscent of my paper making days when I combined tissue paper left from holiday gifts, threads clipped from the  end of seams and embroidery, organic matter and bits of paper that appealed to me. Anything found it's way into the paper. Now anything finds it's way onto the paper. 

The style I want to wear looks a lot like an art journal page or an art quilt. Vibrant, full of texture, and embedded with joy. 

My Fashion Friday posts must be disappointing to someone looking for the latest style. I post them as a way for me to discover my style. 

To those new to my blog I have an art journal for exploring my sense of style. I post about it on Fridays. 

Saturday is when I post about my Self Care of the week under the title Self Care Saturday. 

Stamping and Printing Sunday is when I post about my adventures with mono printing and stamping. 

Feel free to join me any day. I'm glad you are here. Tell me about how you found your style. 


  1. I love the vibrant colors, and I also love how you have dedicated subjects. xoxo Su

  2. Thanks, Su. I love soft, muted colors and in-your-face bold colors. Sometimes I struggle with that very different set of styles. This garment is so luscious there wasn't any doubt.

    The dedicated subjects make it easier for me to focus and get down to business.


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