Friday, May 22, 2015

Pile on the glitter - Fashion Fridays

Last week I discovered that somewhere along the line I stopped wearing jewelry. What may have started as a decision not to wear jewelry that could be damaged when doing a messy project with students or when kneading dough or simply out of laziness, became a habit. It became my regular operating system. 

This week I rekindled my love of the glittery and found that it gave me a lift of my spirits. I somehow sat taller in my seat and am sure that there was a gleam in my eyes as I moved through the day. 

The photo below is a double exposure of several pieces of jewelry I love. I would never have realized it, but I have found that I love glass! Glass beads on my Troll Beads bracelet and this beautiful glass necklace made by a friend. 

What kinds of jewelry do you love? When you look at the jewelry you have, does any of it surprise you? What if you wore them in surprising combinations? 

Hope you have a sparkle-ful week. 

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