Friday, May 15, 2015

Wear Your Joy Course with Kelly Rae Roberts - Fashion Friday

When I saw the course by Kelly Rae Roberts called Wear Your Joy I just knew I had to take it. It resonated so well with this art journal. She provided a forum for exploring some of the very things I thought I'd put in this journal. So today's Fashion Friday is dedicated to Kelly. I started a few days late, so I'm still working on day two, but already I've identified one big thing that will make a difference in my style - actually wearing the beautiful accessories I have! 

You can see that my page features a blank spot - an unfinished area on the page. This is where I traced two beautiful pieces I wore today - both made of glass. 

Below you see the necklace I wore today - a beautiful piece of art made my a friend. 

The other item I wore today is my Troll Bead bracelet. (I do mix in beads from Camilla and Pandora.) I love the glass pieces especially.  These pieces of joy made me smile all day. Accessorize. That's the word this week. 

 Want more information about the course? Here's a link to the course description:

I can't wait to see what's next!

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