Saturday, December 26, 2015

Laugh in the Face of Fear

For the past few months I've been carefully using the time I have for creative endeavors...not everything can be accomplished at once. The last week of the year will be spent tidying and organizing so that I can be more efficient in 2016. Hopefully some art will be created in tandem. 

Kelly Rae Robert's course, Spirit Wings, has been my main focus. December has added the option of using snippets of time to participate sporadically in Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's Carve December. Both of these have given me joy this season. 

(Hashtags for the projects #spiritwingspaintingcourse   and #carvedecember)

The painting above is my angel of courage. It was a wonderful process painting her. 

Below you can see a few of my hand carved stamps made during the December event. 


  1. Just WILD about your snowflakes! As I type, Julie Fay Fan Balzer is on TV (A PBS show) making fun things! Good timing checking your post!

    I hope you have a most creative New Year. I had to work on that tidying up so I can do as you're discussing -- being more creative! Have a great New Year and I hope your holiday has been great fun so far!

    1. Thanks, Jeanie! The snowflakes were fun to make. How funny that Julie Fei Fan Balzer was on the TV as you saw them. I enjoy her work, but I've never seen her on TV. Another thing for my ToDo list!
      The tidying up is taking longer than expected (when doesn't it?), but I think will yield dividends worth the investment. I'm glad I made your acquaintance this year. Best wishes for a wonderful end of one year and beginning of another to you.


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